ECCJ held EMAK12 workshop

ECCJ held EMAK12 workshop

ECCJ held the 12th Energy Management Action Network Workshop (EMAK12) in Paris on Dec.13th, 2023.
EMAK was established in 2009; it has been led by Japan since and a part of the Energy Efficiency Hub activities of the IEA Secretariat, is a network for information sharing and exchange on energy efficiency and conservation policies.
The theme of this workshop is ‘Evolution of Energy Efficiency Policies into Demand-side Energy Policies’. It brought together policy makers and private sector leaders to address strategic approaches of demand-side efforts including electrification, fuel switching, grid flexibility, digitalization, and disclosure of energy and climate related information.


Photo session at the Paris venue (presenter and moderator)


After opening remarks from Dr. Jonathan Sinton from the EE Hub and Mr. Kentaro Oe from Permanent Delegation of Japan to the OECD,
Dr. Emma Mooney from IEA made a keynote on the evolution of EE policies aimed at doubling global progress on energy efficiency and supporting people-centered clean energy transitions.

In session 1, policy makers from Australia, Brazil, European Commission, Japan, and ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) discussed demand-side energy policies and strategic approaches, with morerated by Ms. Kristina Klimovich from the EE Hub.(participated online except Japan)

At the beginning of Session 2, Mr. Joji Koike, the moderator from ECCJ, highlighted the need for bridging roles in the discussion of energy policies on the demand side across various countries in Session 1, understanding how companies, presented in Sessions 2 and 3 plan to implement these policies , giving the role of the Energy Conservation Center in Japan as an example.

Moderated by Mr. Joji Koike from Energy Conservation Center Japan (ECCJ), companies shared their strong commitments and efforts towards carbon neutrality, with best practices and challenges including introduction of heat pumps to beverage industry, improvement of visibility and corporate structure for energy saving, and importance of insulation in industry and building sectors.

In session3, The cutting-edge technologies to promote energy saving and optimized energy use, such as heat pumps and digital technologies including smart meters, were introduced by representatives from the Canadian government (online participation), as well as companies from Japan and Europe.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Emma Mooney from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and Mr. Haruto Shinoda from the Ministry of Economy (METI) delivered the closing remarks.

The moderator led a lively discussion during the session, and the workshop ended successfully with the sharing of knowledge and experience on how to realize energy efficiency improvements on the demand side and cutting-edge technologies to promote optimization of energy utilization , as well as building a public-private network.


Keynote from Dr. Emma Mooney




View of the venue

Building network