ECCJ held the FY2022 2nd online meeting relating to energy conservation support with Malaysia

ECCJ held the FY2022 2nd online meeting relating to energy conservation support with Malaysia

Under the instruction and financial support of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ) has been implementing a bilateral energy conservation cooperation project with Malaysia which also continued in FY2022. On July 20, 2022, ECCJ held the 2nd online meeting of FY2022 with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) and other Malaysian institutions. During the meeting, discussions were held and agreements reached relating to the plans for activities in the current fiscal year including the holding of online seminars and invited training in Japan.

1. Meeting attendees:
(1) Malaysian side: Total of seven persons, comprising Mr. Adi Azlan, Principal Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR/KeTSA) and two other representatives, Mr. Steve Anthony Lojuntin, Director, Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) and one other representative, and Mr. Zulkiflee Umar, Deputy Director, Energy Commission (EC) and one other representative.

(2) Japanese side: Six persons from the ECCJ International Cooperation Division


2. Overview of results:
Regarding the activities planned for the current fiscal year, the following items were discussed and confirmed.
(1) Online seminar: It is planned to hold an online seminar on August 25 relating to EC Guidelines and the pilot project, and agreement was gained regarding the schedule and contents. Additionally, the requirements for the target seminar participants were again indicated by the Japanese side, and ECCJ requested the Malaysian side particularly to promote submissions of applications by companies to participate in the pilot project and to provide the planned participant list by August 11.

(2) Pilot project: As reconfirmation of the objectives and methods of this project, explanations were given and understanding was received that rather than simply holding a energy auditing project, support will be provided for building a sustainable energy management system combining heat and electrical technologies in response to the enforcement of the new energy efficiency and conservation act (EECA) to form a showcase for dissemination and development.

(3) Invited training in Japan: It is planned to hold invited training in Japan over a five-day period in the middle of December as training in a face-to-face format targeting persons who plan or implement energy auditor training, and understanding was gained also for the scheduling aspects. Additionally, it is planned that the training contents will focus on practical training, including measurement and audits of heat equipment, and the latest energy conservation technologies and ECCJ’s professional energy auditor system will also be introduced. Because the training will be held in a face-to-face format, the number of invited trainees is set at a maximum of 10 persons.

(4) EECA establishment: Regarding the EECA formulation situation in Malaysia, the approval from the cabinet has been delayed. It is expected that the period for submitting the draft law to the Malaysian parliament will be put back from the initial plan for July 2022 to October.

(5) COVID-19 infection situation: Although the number of new infections is rapidly increasing in Japan under the 7th COVID-19 wave, Malaysia has only seen a slight increase in infections. It is necessary to closely watch and respond to the trends going forward in order to judge the advisability of holding the invited training in Japan in a face-to-face format.